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Immigration and Naturalization

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The types of migratory permits available in Panama are diverse, for which we offer our expert advice. The most recurrent are:

  • Non-Resident (transist visa or temporary workers visa)
  • Temporary Resident (foreigner hired by companies under the Marrakesh Agreement or worker hired by headquarters of multinational companies)
  • Permanent resident:
  • For economic reasons (small business investor, forestry activities, economic solvency for investment).
  • By special policies (retired visa).
  • By special laws (Treaty of Friendship between the Republic of Panama and the Republic of Italy, antional foreigners of specific countries that maintain friendly relationships with the Republic of Panama, and professional foreigners).

At Williams & Williams we assist international clients interested in obtaining the following:

  • Panamanian nationality
  • Work permits
  • A second passport under Panamanian laws, special for investors.